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Mission 9 and 10 video and walkthrough

Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:54 pm by mhd

Mission 9:
The video of mission 9

walkthourgh of mission 9

1. Talk to G. Put the 3 tracking devices, the yellow duck, and the blue print on the wall into your inventory.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge. Pick up all the Find Four pieces. They are on the window seal, the stool under the phone, and under the ladder.

3. Go up the ladder. Pick up the Find Four …

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Mission 8 video and walk through

Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:18 pm by mhd

here is a video about mission 8

and here is the walkthrough


1) Talk to G in the HQ. I suggest choosing the top option each time.
2) G will tell you to investigate recent tremors around the island, Go to the Dock.
3) Herbert and Klutzy will appear in a drill type machine, after the conversation, Herbert will drop the Map to …

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Aqua Grabber update

Sat Apr 05, 2008 2:19 am by mhd

this is so cool,they just updated the Aqua Grabber .the net is bigger and they put some creatures and when they open their shell you can grab some pearls.the white pearl gives you 25 coins and the black pearl gives you 50 coins,the mullet and some little fish are in and they do dammage so don't touch them. they changed the level so that you need to enter in holes and stuff like that to get a …

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Thu May 29, 2008 8:27 pm by mhd

Yep, That’s right! After waiting a really long time, all penguins who tested in the Club Penguin Improvement Project test servers will be getting their CPIP item added into their inventories THIS FRIDAY, the 30th.For More Details

CP wanted to deliver this with Penguin Mail and the log-in and playercard feature, but they are still under development so they …

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Burnt out Bulbs’ Hidden Coins Guide and My Puffle’ Hidden Coins Guide

Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:37 pm by mhd

Burnt out Bulbs’ Hidden Coins Guide:
Using this guide, you will get 800 coins rather than 220 coins total for the game, ‘Burnt Out Bulbs’. First, go to the Book Room, and open the book “Burnt out Bulbs”.

Start typing on the first page and STOP after you type the words “burned out!”. Now push the puck in the picture with your cursor until it moves to the left and off the screen. If you pushed …

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Club Penguin New Furniture, Igloo Catalog Secrets & More

Fri May 23, 2008 5:50 pm by mhd

Hello everyone, well today there is alot going on club penguin, I have the cheats for you!

First of all the wizard hat from halloween 2006 came back and its located at the lighthouse

There is also a new pin on club penguin and it’s located at the boiler room

theres a new pet …

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new may catalog!

Mon May 05, 2008 10:43 am by Admin

this time its with other people like knights and else and this time its too crazy also!
heres it
NEW! things
dragons:dragon costume:1000
king&queens:kings crown:500
royal robe:400
queens crown:450
queens dress:600
knight helmet:400
knight armour:600
tabards:250 each
green tabard
orange tabard
purple tabard
shields:350 each

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Walking on top of another penguin!

Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:29 am by Admin

Usually, if you click on a penguin you will get their player card. So you must RIGHT click on another penguin, then click on another area of the room, and you will see your penguin walking towards the place you right clicked, and you will see yourself on top of the penguin

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having huge key in your screen

Mon May 05, 2008 10:44 am by Admin

1.go to the book room
2.stay near the chat box
3.go to downstairs
4.before you go there quickly open the RH journal and go to the key and click it(don't press yes or no) have huge key in your screen
I like this cheat

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